2016 Fitness Goals: Getting My Golf Game On

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While I didn’t make resolutions this year (here’s why and what I do instead), I do have some goals for 2016 so I’ll share those over the next few weeks as I continue to give it thought. One thing that I know for sure I want to focus on in 2016 is getting better at golf! I played golf a fair amount in high school since I had a lot of friends who golfed; there was one summer that I golfed 3-4x a week. I LOVED it and from what I can remember I was terrible, but I loved being outside and being active with friends.

Golf fell off my radar as an adult because it wasn’t something that I would ever go do by myself, but I’ve always wished I’d kept it up because it was so fun and a great excuse to be outdoors. So when I met Tommy and found out he golfed, I was super happy about it. And then I was nervous as crap to actually golf with him because he’s not just a golfer, he’s a VERY GOOD golfer. A scratch golfer (which I had to google…and it means he has a zero handicap…which is insanely good).

Once I got passed my nerves, I loved going out to the golf course with him. It’s such a fun thing we can do together and with friends too. Matt, who set us up, met Tommy through golf so the three of us have all hit balls together which is really fun. Right now, I mostly go to the driving range and occasionally play a few holes, but I really want to get to a place where I’m somewhat consistent (not that that’s ever really possible with golf!) so I can play a round of golf – or at least 9 holes. The few times I’ve played holes, I end up hitting trees over and over. 🙂

One thing I’ve struggled with is that I don’t have golf attire and never really know what to wear to hit balls, so when DICK’S Sporting Goods® reached out and asked if I wanted to partner on a post about fitness resolutions, I was all in! I knew exactly what I would focus on after a quick search of their website – golf attire. I knew DICK’s sold hunting and running gear, but I didn’t realize how much golf gear they sold too.

dick's sporting goods golf clothes

Dick's Sporting Goods women's golf clothes

Since I’ll spend more of my time on the course in warmer weather, I got a couple of cute golf skirts in anticipation of that.

Dick's Sporting Goods women's golf clothesI also got a golf glove. I’ve been borrowing Tommy’s glove for a while, and at first I didn’t understand the need, but when I hit golf balls on my solo-cation and wore a hole in the side of my hand, I quickly realized the need for a glove.


I LOVE running and CrossFit gear, but have a ton of stuff for those sports. As much as I love running and CrossFit, I definitely need a lower impact activity. Although I have to admit, golf is much more of a workout than I anticipated – mycore and forearms are always sore afterwards. But at least it’s a good break for my lower body.

While I was at Dick’s, we learned they have a golf simulator so we obviously had to take that for a spin.

The weather has been so cold and yucky lately that it can be kind of miserable outside, so now that we know about this, we’ve gone back a couple times to hit balls.

Dicks' sporting goods golf simulator

Dicks' sporting goods golf simulator

I REALLY can’t wait for the return of nice weather! Wine on the putting green on summer evenings is pretty much the best. 🙂 And couples’ golf starts in the summer too, which I can’t wait for – golfing with Matt and Meg and Tommy AND wine? YES.


What fitness goals do you have for 2016? Trying anything totally new or are you improving on something you’ve been at for a while?

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      He cannot wait until he and I buy a house together … The first thing he will do – get a golf hitting simulator! BAH HA HA HA HA!

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